Discrete-Event Simulation And Activity-Based Costing To Aid The Decision Making Process In A Manufacturing Cell

Modeling And Simulation Of A Territorial Health Care Service (Hcs): Patients Vs Hcs Management Perspective

Performance Evaluation Of Public Healthcare Systems Through Simulation: The Case Of “Sanitat Respon” Call Centre

Augmented Reality As A Support Tool For Engineering Projects

A Remote Stereo Visualization System For Construction Monitoring

Simulation On Residential Internet Service Of A Brazilian State Network

Off-Lattice Models For Denaturation Of Ubiquitin

Data Assimilation In The Production Planning

Simulation Of Behavior Electrical Grounding - Comparative Analysis For Performance In Frequency-Domain

Fmeca Analysis Of Healthcare Services: The Evaluation Of The Efficiency Of An Hospital Department

Analysis Of Technical And Economical Demand For Pharmaceutical Procurement Management In A Provincial Area

Computational Tools For Performance Analysis Of Transmission Line Front To Atmospheric Discharges

Slow Timed Experiments With Timed Sequential Machines

Safety Stock Savings From Fleible Ordering: A Simulation Study

Cavemax, Plugin For 3d Studio Max For Real-Time Visualization And Navigation In Virtual Reality Cave-Like Environments

Outdoor Geographical Positioning Of Mobile Devices Using Wi-Fi And Artificial Neural Networks Technology For Augmented Reality

Definition Of A Spatial Influence Index: An Alternative Neighborthood Specifications And Effects in Analysis On Epidemic Data

A Proposal For A New Management Framework For Health Care Organizations Simulation And Optimization

A Pervasive And Tangible Interface For Interaction And Visualization On A Virtual Reality Training System

Using A Simulative Model To Increase The Performance Level Of An Oncology Department

Planning A Transshipment System For Coal Export Using Discrete Event Simulation

Oil Price Impact On Logistics Network Structure

A New Model Based On Analytic Network Process To Assess The Best Supply Chain Distribution Strategy

Logistic Frameworks For Outbound Transportations In Long Term Collaborative Networked Organizations

Business Process Modeling Of Clinical Pathways And Their Simulation In Hospital Settings

Riduction Of Clinical Risk In Blood Transfusion Center With An Rfid System

Modeling And Simulation Of A Hydraulic Power Assisted Steering System Through Bond Graphs

Simulator Of Offshore Oil Spill Containment

Using Simio In The Design Of Integrated Automated Solutions For Cement Plants

A Tma Simulation Model For Efficient Conflict Detection And Resolution Based On Spatial Data Structures

Agvs For A Pallets Transport System

Integrated Solution Based On Simulation For Optimising Layout Re-Engineering

Simulation As An Enabling Technology For Applying Lean Principles In Third-Party Service Providers: A Case Study

Creating A Imersive Telepresence System With Real Time Capture Of Fisheye Images

Advanced Techniques Of Visualization For The Training In Simulators

Global Positioning System For People Management

Scenario Analysis, Decision Trees And Simulation For Cost Bene fit Analysis Of Cargo Screening Processes

On The Way To A Business Intelligence Solution For The Transportation Sector

Modeling Of Innovative Technologies For Container Terminal Yard Stacking System Using An Object Oriented Simulation Framework

Logistic Network Design With Products Returns: A State Of The Art Overview

The Factory Of Emotions – Simulating Production And Logistics In Virtual Worlds

Iesim: Simulating And Understanding Real World Events In A Game-Like Environment

Sccrasl And Cadge: Crisis Representation And Simulation In Serious Games

Supporting Applied Drama And Epistemic Games Over The Net

Bringing A Dinosaur Back To Life : Staurikosaurus – A Real Time Case Study

Economic Modeling Of Fischer-Tropsch Product Upgrading Facilities

Simulator Upgrade - Real-Time 3d Nuclear Reactor Simulation

Environmentally Sound Manure Management System Simulation Model For Energy And Material Recovery: A Real Case Study

Passenger Vessel Ice Cooling System Modification For Inland Shallow Water Navigation: Real Case Analysis

Ava Function Under Shallow Complex Structures

A Finite Element System For Complex Fluid-Structure Interactions In Offshore Engineering

Ocean Heat Transport Interannual Variability In The World Oceans From An Ocean General Circulation Model

3d Seismic Imaging Of Complex Geology


A Fuzzy Approach To The Fta Technique To Match Simplicity And Accuracy: Application To An Air Separation Plant

Wind Simulation On Complex Terrain Sites: About The Dependencies On The Resolution Of The Terrain Model

Elastic-Plastic Wellbore Stability Analysis In Carbonate Reservoir During Production Phase

Seismic Image And Ava Analyses Using The Reverse Time Migration (Rtm) Method With Different Wave Equation Implementations

Seismic Imaging Using Common Focus Point (Cfp) Techniques

Exploiting Simulation In Supply Chain Management: Eclips Project Experience

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